Friday, July 10, 2009

The first anniversary is paper

Vulnerable, fleeting, temporary
Why is this chosen for us to represent our first year of marital love?

Burned, disintegrated, faded
All that is formed on it can so quickly and effortlessly cease to exist.

And is that not what happens to so many within a year of love?

Romance, friendship, tenderness
All evaporate into nothingness, become another pool of vapor in the ether of the human experience.

But this is not us, is it my love?

Ideas, imagination, impetus
All channeled through simple paper

Declarations, letters, books, diaries, songs
All changing societies, hearts, lives, history.

Paper has power. As do we.

Paper, paper, thin little piece of me that is not me.
You hear my ideas.
You fuel my imagination.
You are the impetus for anything good or beautiful that this humble soul produces. The freedom that allows an idea to…be.

You and I will no longer be one day. But for the time I am here, I will record this work of genius that fate or nature or the gods have created between us.
This creation, this love, this will go on.

More than words, pictures, symbols
All these are the image, not the idea

Take the paper.
Let it be beautiful.
Let it be genius.
Let it be the foundation and reflection of the substance and the history.

The first anniversary is paper

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