Friday, June 26, 2009

NYC - March 2008

A Remembrance of New York City:

The view from the air of a city falling into the Atlantic
Icicles clinging to the underbelly of a Central Park footbridge
The bright white, lighting crack of a Subway train on an elevated track

The charm of a bohemian brunch
The offensive taste of grilled greens on a sandwich
The pungent and exotic aroma of mingling, lingering colognes in the back of a yellow cab

The neon glow of an eager Yankee Stadium two days before Opening Day of the final season
The music and message of West 44th Street – “Why you gotta go, right when it was starting to feel real?”
The garish and near-comical murals and chandeliers of Tavern on the Green

Park Avenue nannies loving their paychecks’ children
Angry strings of Spanish insults to the backbeat of muffled techno music
A middle-aged man and his 9-year old son debating best picks for the Mets as ferociously as some would debate a war in Iraq

The warmth and safety of an old friend’s embrace
The disappointment and heartbreak of a new friend’s stoicism
The smiles and striking kindness surfacing in the most unexpected places

I won’t remember it all, but I will remember what moved me, and that will be why I came.

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