Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Feeling

Ages passed. Countries crumbled. Gods fell and new deities arose. Planets collided on their courses and gasses blended to form new worlds, new galaxies.

At least that’s what it felt like.

And then she finally reached the end of the isle, where he was. And oh, the feeling.

Looking in his calm cerulean eyes, she had the sort of sensation those who have returned from the brink of death describe; her heart swelled with the overwhelming emotion of every time he had said “I love you,” broke with pain of each argument, soared with the joy of every memory they had shared. All of it, every little detail of every day since he came into her life flashed before her eyes in fractions of a second as he clenched her hands as much to steady her as to draw her into his own similar surge of emotion. And oh, the feeling.

After that, the words didn’t matter. The guests didn’t matter. The flowers, the music, the d├ęcor, the worries, the tensions, the tears, all dissipated into the ether of those two happy spirits saying once and for all to one another, yes, this is my joy, the fulfillment of my heart’s deepest wish -- a wish that lay dormant and that I never hoped to understand but that made itself overwhelmingly evident right now, right here, in this very second. And she realized in that moment, this is what happiness feels like. Yes, she was, finally, happy.

And oh, the feeling.

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